Friday, August 12, 2011

Just 28 Days Until the Perry Reunion!

So it's time to start thinking about what wonderful items you will bring to raffle off!

Some ideas include:

  • favorite book or DVD
  • card, board, or electronic game
  • hand-crafted items 
  • necklace, ring, bracelet
  • photo album
  • gift card—maybe one someone gave you and it didn't quite fit your personality
  • tools
  • home-grown tomatoes and cucumbers (no zucchini allowed)
  • school or office supplies
  • new water bottle
  • original artwork
  • camping or hiking stuff
  • hats
  • custom tie-dyed T-shirt signed by you
  • sports stuff
  • fancy hair product
  • basket of your favorite things
  • home-made bread, jam, or freshly churned butter
If it's something you would like to win, then chances are it's a good item to bring.

Probably a good rule of thumb to follow is quality over quantity, but we'd like enough items to keep the reunion afloat.